"We are an implementation partner, dedicated to integrating innovative solutions into education with expertise and commitment."


We are the competence center for those responsible in educational environments. Discuss your specific questions with us. We are happy to show solutions and possible approaches.

Digitization is your task, we have all the necessary pieces of the puzzle: from the powerful administration software to the know-how for your teaching and personnel development.


Analysis of existing processes, their conversion into digital processes with the help of software, organizational development and personnel development

Project management

Our professional project management based on established methods leads to a rapid and successful implementation for your business

Software development

We adapt and create interface software and integration modules that optimize your workflows and simplify everyday work

1 + years
Work experience in education
Orientation to goals
Focus on customer needs

That's me

I stand with my name to our values

Ufuk Yildiz
Founder & CEO

Ufuk Yildiz, Co-Founder all4education

That's me

After the college I wanted to get to know the world of work and I applied to the Grand Casino Baden. So my career started in gambling. After my internship I studied economics in Cambridge UK and in Switzerland and completed my apprenticeship with a Master in Project Management at the HWZ Zurich.

In the years up to today I have worked for various companies and acquired broad skills. I always tried to get to know new industries because networking is important to me. For example, I worked for Bank Julius Baer, ​​in various software companies, and in my last position as chief digital officer, I headed the IT department of the second-largest private school in Switzerland.

Economics in Cambridge and Master in Project Management HWZ 100%
Work experience
Bank Julius Baer, Software Development, Economics and Management School Bern 100%
Project management
Leadership, project management, RFI creation, project structure plans 100%
Analysis of system landscapes, conception, design of prototypes 90%
Methodical competences
Conception, strategic thinking, hands-on 90%
Strategic skills
Business Consulting, Change Management, Business Development 100%

Your digitization on the way

Get to know us personally in a non-binding layout and analysis of your specific questions.

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We are your partner in Switzerland for the versatile school management software «All4Schools».

And we integrate teaching and learning through the seamless interface to Microsoft Office 365, Realto/Isyflow or Moodle. We would be happy to show you the possibilities and ways of implementation for your needs.

Timetable Program

Intuitive scheduling with a wide range of functions and real-time display of the substitutions and the timetable

Administration for natural and juristic persons

Administration of all data for pupils, course participants and teachers, but also for parents and teaching operations on a central web-based platform

Management of grades and certificates

Web-based management of grades; grade books, various Excel files or elaborate reconciliation are no more needed

Absences administration for learners

Transparent administration of all non-attendances, absences and delays including a variety of evaluation and notification functions

Document management

Management of all documents on a central web-based platform

Invoice management

Automated billing including emailing and configurable exhortation for your students and course participants

Course management

The unique software for educational institutions with great features

Electronic class book

Take advantage of the web-based management of entries in the class book; no more torn pages, losses or class book services

Innovations –
We do research for education

As a driver of software innovation in education we are currently researching the big topics Blockchain and Machine Learning / Deep Learning / AI.

The findings are nowadays being analyzed and implemented with a high priority in the economic system. We see important and essential applications in education.

Latest Posts

Our research for education

AI, Chat-Bots

With our chat-bot «Klein-Einstein», which is based on IBM-Watson frameworks, we show education businesses how to answer frequently asked questions automatically.

The use case:

You have a customer who is interested in further education. Instead of navigating the customers by phone through the website, AI (Artificial Intelligence) would do that, and you would have time for more interesting work and projects. This supports our general goal of making software do the boring and monotonous work.


Blockchains have traditionally been used in the financial industry and are being accelerated by billions in investments.

We think that blockchain technology will change society ongoingly, and we are exploring how education benefits from this new technology.

Our goal is to use the blockchain to represent the entire history of all the education, training and further education of a person. The digital ID card can selectively being read out and includes skills, competencies and certificates. It represents and documents Life Long Learning.

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Customer feedback

«All4Education is a reliable partner and has the necessary professional understanding, coupled with technical implementation power.»
Thomas Küng
Head of Education & Sport
«Discussing the strategy with you helped us to reflect and clarify our processes.»
Martin Keller
Head of Education
«As external project managers, you were able to guide us through the project efficiently and effectively.»
Markus Schuhmacher
Cantonal Project Manager

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